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Handy bar

Get in and out of your car easily.

Universal fit.

Slots easily into any car door post.

Suitable for people with, Arthritis, Mobility problems, Sports injuries, Low car seats.

Strong Non - slip handle.

Patented design.

Its terrific for pregnant women, people with leg injuries or bad knees, and many elderly who find most modern cars too low to get easily in and out of.

No more shaky doors or the unstable hand of a friend or relative to help you out. The Handybar is strong, light and its soft feel plastic grip makes it comfortable to lean on.

You simply insert the Handybar in the little U shaped latch on the door pillar which engages the door lock. Its strong enough to handle 120kgs of pressure as you lean on it to help you out of the car.

And as an added bonus, it incorporates a hidden blade that can be used to cut your seat belt in case of an accident if the seat belt gets jammed. And its pointy end is strong enough to smash a car window if the electric doors and windows are inoperable.