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SPINMASTER Steering Control Knob

This world renowned Spinmaster spinner steering knob is designed, engineered and manufactured with great precision and quality components.

Solid as a rock, smooth as silk

The device enables smooth, comfortable one-handed use of the steering wheel. It is perfect for anyone with a impaired hand function, or who needs to operate other driving controles with the other hand.

Patented Features

The SPINMASTER steering knob feature a quick release system allowing for fast, easy removal of the spinner knob. The simple puch button release mechanism can be operated with one hand without difficulty.

The SPINMASTER's unique clamshell base means that, unlike most spinner steering knobs on the market, the SPINMASTER causes no damage to the steering wheel. Installation is easy and secure due to the patented design, offering a large 3" clamping surface.

Features include

• Quick release mechanism: Unique design is safe, reliable and really easy to use - remove and refit simply at the push of a button.
• Bearings: Two quality free-running ball racers for smooth, reliable operation.
• Finish: Leather grain etching to match vehicles decor.
• Super clamping jaws: Won't move once fitted.
•Large clamping surface: Won't damage the steering wheel.
• Quality materials: Injection-molded glass filled durable nylon components as used by mining companies for heavy duty applications.