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Parmaker Scout SE (Special Edition)

The Scout SE is testimony to Parmaker's commitment to innovation and improvement. Despite the Scout being Parmakers most popular model the decided to add all the best options available to produce a special edition 'super-value walker. The amazing Scout SE is still priced well below many other suppliers, yet is world's ahead in terms of features and value.

'T-HANDLE' The Scout SE comes with a 'T HANDLE' for easy manoeuvring and comfort.

UMBRELLA HOLDER - The Scout SE comes with a handy umbrella holder. This is great on both wet & sunny days, and leaves your hand free to write down all the birdies you'll be making.

The 4TH WHEEL - The Scout SE has the added advantage of a handy 'anti tip' 4th wheel to keep your golf bag and clubs on an even keel at all times.

BIGGER BATTERY - The Scout SE has a bigger GEL BATTERY. This means that it will handle the big bags and hilly courses with greater ease. It is low maintenance and will last longer than standard batteries.

BATTERY BAG - This useful battery bag is exclusive to the Scout SE. It protects the battery, while also adding a nice touch to the look of the unit.