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Underarm Aluminium Crutches

The Aluminium Underarm Crutches with Push-Button height adjustment is a popular form of walking aid.


•Lighter than wood, they are manufactured from a lightweight anodised aluminium and feature a curved stair deflector at their tip.
•Dual push-buttons facilitate adjustments while approximate patient height settings are labelled on the centre tune to within 45mm increments.
•Underarm pads feature thick cushioning, internal ribbing and reinforced ends that reduce presure and underarm fatigue.
•Washable hand grips feature a natural sponge cushioning to absorb impact shock and are perspiration resistant.
•Contoured crutch tips provide exceptional traction while a built in metal ring protects against premature wear.

Crutch sizes

780 Tall Adult 178 - 198cm
785 Medium Adult 157 - 178cm
790 Youth 137 - 157cm

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